Twitter Automation Tips

by Stephen Willis


Following and Unfollowing

- Step 1:The automated mass following or unfollowing of followers isn't allowed on Twitter because it's a common strategy of spammers, who mass-follow folk, and then mass-unfollow those who do not follow back. The sole exception to this rule is that you're permitted to auto-follow-back folk who follow you, with an application like TweetAdder. This is believed to help maintain fans, but following too many folk can make your own timeline harder to keep up with.

Auto-Tweeting Feeds

- Step 2:If you have your own blog, YouTube channel or other source of content online, automating the posting of updates to your Twitter feed is a great way to save time. However , note that you'll not be in a position to personalise the tweet, which could be a helpful way to focus on the best points of your content. Tweet Hopper and Feedburner's "Socialize" feature are two ways this may be done in practice.

Automated Retweets, Direct Messages and Mentions

- Step 3:In general, automated retweets are frowned on, as the function exists to allow you to retweet something that you decide your fans would like and automation takes the choice out of the equation. Automated mentions are disallowed for similar reasons, unless the receiver gave you permission. Ultimately, automated "Thanks for following" direct messages are authorized, which can be used to give supporters a quick message or some words of wisdom. TweetAdder is an application that supports this function.

Automated Advertising

- Step 4:A few people try to earn income thru tweets,eg through sponsored auto, where tweets users are paid to tweet about certain products or spread affiliate links. Applications that automate this process are available; nonetheless such tweets are permitted only when written by hand by you. Third party applications used to Twitter-tweet affiliate links or funded null are not allowed by null and could end in account suspension.

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