Improve Your Diesel Truck's Performance

by Charlie Barks

One of the easiest fastest and least expensive methods to improve the performance of your stock diesel truck is to replace your stock air intake filter with a cold air intake. Essentially what this does is that it permits your diesel to breath a larger volume of air by removing the enclosed limiting factory air box.

Let's be honest, vehicle manufacturers are trying to balance low engine noise with overall performance and pleasure and those among us who love our power more are not so concerned with our diesels being a bit noisy. After all it's a diesel pickup and it should sound like one, right? You betcha.

Forget about replacing transmissions, rear ends, suspension and reworking motors to boost your performance for a minute and let's focus on getting more volume of air flowing into your diesel engine and then getting it out. The very first thing to do is to get a high quality cold air intake like for instance the US make Cold Air Intake by Icebox Intakes. Then you take that factory air box off and replace it with your new cold air intake.

Immediately what occurs is that from the very first time you crank up your diesel it will now be getting a free flow of air now that it's not constrained by that factory air box and you will feel the difference and you will hear it also. It won't be so much louder it is uncomfortable but you'll hear your turbo spooling now when you did not before.

Your throttle response will increase and this means that with the smallest touch to your gas pedal you will feel just like you woke up the beast that has been hiding under your hood. It'll just be more responsive. You give that pedal a little push and you immediately get some feedback or you give it a bit more pressure and you get a whole lot more than you were expecting before.

Now remember this is even before you concentrate on replacing the other limitation, the exhaust. So try to imagine how much better performance your diesel truck will have if you do both.

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