Another Happy Customer - Cell Phone Vehicle Mount Review

by Ashley Barnes

I have not tried the windshield mount. I can even keep the rubber case on the Droid and use the holder. I needed a mount to replace the proprietary mount for my GPS, so I could mount my dinc2, and it works. Haven't tried the vent clips, but the window mount sticks well and hasn't fallen off. I didn't use the vent clip, as I live in Arizona and we need all the ventilation we can get so I can't speak to that, but it looks pretty straight forward. The adjustability of the arm has met every demand I've had, and the dash mount plate stays put even in this terrible desert heat! I would not recommend this product. I have had this mount for about a year and it works great. It's still not perfect, but it's a very secure mount and worth $15 any day. Original review: When I received the mount, I was quite pleased. It allows my phone to be plugged in while in the holder. It does allow the phone to vibrate a little when driving but not enough to cause problems.

I would not use the dashboard mount as I'm concerned about what the adhesive might do. Otherwise, the grips are padded so your phone is safe and secure.

They are already, after only 3 months, beginning to tear and crack. The other major complaint I have is about the adhesive mounting pad for my dash. If you want a window or dash mount, this product is perfectly fine.

The vent mount works with my 06 Accord. I needed a car mount for my Samsung Captivate, and I found this product via the XDA forums.

Unlike other windshield mounts, it stays attached to the windshield without falling. My previous windshield mounts would fall off after being moved a few times between cars. The windshield mount is great. It holds the phone snugly but without depressing buttons on the phone.

Not quite sure how to fix that, but it's a huge distraction when the phone pops off after a speed bump/pothole and tumbles to the floor with the charger still attached. However, once you start to expect it, it becomes second nature to push the whole assembly into the vent after moving anything. And it is very adjustable. I can view the phone in the landscape or portrait mode.

I haven't had much success with car mounts for either the HTC Hero or Droid Incredible, but the Arkon has been the best I've tried so far and is inexpensive compared to others. I've used it in both a Honda CR-V and Toyota Yaris.

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