DVLA Registrations - The Easy Way for Car Owners to Get Noticed

by Suzan Cragis

Did you know that you could swap the standard number plate on your car for a private registration number? You may have seen other cars on the road with private DVLA registrations and never dreamed you could afford one too.

In reality however it is very different, if you search online you will quickly find a range of registration plates that can suit any budget. There will also be some affordable solutions for letter and number combinations that are personal to you

With thousands of DVLA registrations available to buy online you will be spoilt for choice. Searching online you can find registration plates that have already been on other cars, and brand new plates. This makes even more choice and allows the user to have greater control over the budget

The first thing to do when buying new DVLA reg numbers is to think carefully about what sort of plate would suit you. Many people like to personalise their cars by choosing plates that have their name or initials. These plates will vary in price and the most sought after ones (such as those spelling a full name like M4LC 0LM) can fetch anywhere from 1,000 to 35,000.

The best way to find a new DVLA registration is on the internet, the internet has made it so much easier to search through thousands of plates quickly and from the comfort of your own home. All you as the user need to do is find an online plate dealer and start searching

Once you have purchased your plates and you own the rights to use the DVLA reg, you will then need to register the plate before you put them on the car. This involves sending proof of the car ownership directly to the DVLA, they can then update their records and make the plates legal for the car

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