Driving Range Netting

by Dan Bass

Unlike most sports, the game of golf is one that combines competition and lavishness at the same time. It's a slow-paced game that provide players an opportunity to mingle, compete and enjoy the outdoors all at once. It's a good sport for people who are 40 and above because it's a slow-paced game that doesn't involve a high level of physical activity.

But not all driving ranges were lucky enough to make enough money to service and soon had to close down.It's a game that challenges players to constantly improve their individual skill levels. But despite it being a fairly gentle game, golf also has a certain amount of danger involved.

Here are a few rules to follow in case you find yourself purchasing the driving range for sale in your vicinity.This is why driving range netting is necessary to keep the ball where it should be. There are instances when golf courses or driving ranges are located nearby residential areas, and the possibility of a golf ball harming a clueless soul is high without the use of driving range netting.

Most successful driving ranges are found near golf clubs, these clubs ensure the driving range that people who are interested in golf will be passing by regularly. These nets are strategically located in golf courses and driving ranges to make sure that the balls stay within the intended area. Since the holes in a golf course are within close proximity, and are sometimes parallel to each other, the chances of having stray balls are high. This is the very reason driving range netting is imperative in situations such as this to ensure the safety of players and spectators alike.

More often than not these areas are located far from the city so you will have to make sure that the location of the driving range is accessible and is in a place that people usually pass by.Metal screens are also an option because it lasts longer and are sturdier, however this material can be a bit too heavy. But it also has a few drawbacks such as price and the high installation charges it needs. This is why many courses and ranges utilize nylon for their driving range netting.

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