Don't Purchase Online Before You Try - Mobile Phone Mount Review

by Jack Butler

It was a little bulky. I did not try the sticky dash mount, or the seemingly flimsy vent mount. Again in just 3 months' time it has become apparent that, when sunlight heats up the adhesive and it has the weight of my phone on the mount, the adhesive just doesn't hold. The entire mount and mounting pad has come off my dash once and fallen in the floor.

I attach mine to the windshield and it holds great. On my wife's car, it is attached to the air vent and holds very well unless bumped from the side. After shopping around a lot, I found this to be the perfect fit for my Droid X. I also found that all Droids are not created equal.

I use the vent mount. My only complaint is that the clips tend to damage/scratch the vents. This is a good product. The windshield mount is easy to use. I still prefer to use it on my windshield however, but that's just me. It's made of plastic, but the build quality is solid, and I have no worries about it breaking. The suction is very strong and doesn't wiggle at all. The vent mount is kind of flimsy and if your vent vertical movements are loose, the weight of the phone will definitely pull it down. It's a great product for the price. It fits my HTC EVO well with one slight problem. You're saving more than enough money on this awesome mount/cradle to get the beanbag too. I spent like $25 for both and that was with shipping.

The only complaint that I have about it is that I bought it to use with my iPhone 4 and the back piece of the mount is just plastic and it has the brand name sticking out at the bottom. Easily got around this by stopping by the local hardware store and picking up a pack of those felt tip furniture guard things and placing them on there. I agree with others that you will have to 'baby' the spring mounted sides that attach to your device to avoid breaking them. Since this was part of a "free shipping package" it's probably not worth returning.

I bought this for my desk as my cell is my only phone and when I'm working, I make a lot of calls. I use the suction cup on my desk next to my keyboard and it keeps my phone steady, accessible, visible, and makes my life better.

I have tried several but the clips were never long enough to reach all the way through to the back of the vane. This worked perfectly. I like this product a lot. The only thing is it shakes a little too much and is at its last click for tightness on my droid incredible, but it still is a great design!

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