Chevy Pickups Capture American Tradition On Four Wheels

by Charles Wallace

If you are old enough to drive you've probably always wanted to drive one, the vehicle entrenched in Americana. You probably have relatives who've owned one, not a classic 1958 Chevy naturally, one that is steeped in tradition, but you do know somebody who drives a pickup truck.

Originally they were the workhorses that replaced the genuine horses on the farm. In the decade of the twentieth century this icon of American was forged for the new age by the old-timers, and built for the working man. The Chevy Pickup gives a whole new meaning to practice.

Now they're not on just on the farm or even in the outskirts, they can be seen up and down Broadway in New York City. These new icons do not have mud flaps, dented fenders, or rust around the quarter panels. They are definitely a slick as a vehicle you'll see.

The appeal of Chevy pickup trucks still has to do with a kind of handsome ruggedness that one finds in the roar of the engine and the comfort of the taxi. Chevy has produced and retooled different models of pickups for over half a century.

And with these trucks, Chevy has acquired a steady base of fans and diehards, people that have driven Chevy's from one generation to the next. So , while the cabs have grown bigger, the drives have moved from two to four, and the engines have moved up from 4 to six to 8 cylinders, there have constantly been lots of American drivers prepared to take the wheel.

In the Post-World War 2 age, folk were introduced a sleeker design of Chevy lorry, one that not only looked more visually appealing, but one with more power under the hood. Coming into the 1960's, Chevy released the C/K model, one of the most well-liked wagon models until now. The C/K's had a masculine look and offered up lorry enthusiasts the option of a V8 engine. And coming into the millennium, the Silverado hit the market, a Chevy model that can still be found on the factory line and in the drives of many drivers across the US.

Chevy revolutionised each line of trucks with custom features to impress all potential owners and accomplish the toughest of tasks. Taxis were offered in single, crew, and extended models. Folks also had the choice to purchase a Super Sports Package - implied by the popular emblem of "SS 454" - which offered many options to customize and deck-out trucks with anything from fog lights to a group of sweet edges.

Hence from hauling boats down to the lake house for the weekend to hauling your pals in the back of an extended cab, the Chevy pickup has been there for those with a job to get done.

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