How I Learned to Spray a Car - DVD Online Resources

by Tony Bandalos

So I was thumbing to some car magazines at the grocery store and discovered how great the paint jobs looked. I pondered to myself if I can learn to spray a car just like the folks who enter in the auto shows. I did a quick online search and discovered that there was a multitude of websites over the internet which stated to teach automotive painting. One of these websites,, obtained the most detailed looking course. I decided to get it and was amazed.

For example, the lessons came in two unique versions. First, there was a DVD which elaborate each lesson on how to spray a car. Then there was another extra eBook that rehashes each and every lesson located on the DVD. This is good for those of us with short-term memories, much like me, so that we can simply refer back to any lesson. When you possess an eBook this signifies you might also upload it onto your mobile phone or PDA. This is one of the most convenient parts of the course as you can obtain the eBook literally in your back pocket for instant reference.

In addition, I also noticed that the car utilized to demonstrate the lesson is similar all over the course. I found that other courses employed various vehicles to show each lesson. This made it relatively hard to study. Using the same car all through, the lessons really simple to learn. It will require a bit of study to learn how to spray a carso it will be far better avoid unnecessary confusion if you can.

Additionally, I found out crucial skills such as blending. Usually you must head to an automotive technical school to know the art of blending. In this course it was made simple to know. With the appearance of base coat/clear coat paint systems', blending has essentially eliminated panel painting. In spite of the availability of the correct paint code, the surface very well ready, and the paint used properly the newly painted panel will not likely match up the rest of the vehicle. This creates blending a crucial skill for everybody who is keen on learning how to spray paint cars.

As you may have noticed I learned a great deal from the course at I was also able to save thousands learning how to paint automobiles as I was able to avoid auto body shops. I was amazed at how expensive a simple paint job had become and am grateful to have learned from such an effective course. With some study and practice, I was able to master the art of spraying cars. Good luck on your foray into the auto painting world.

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