2012 Volvo V60 Technical Specification

by Hans Rusi

A lot of people are looking for a fuel-efficient automobile when they purchase their next car. A hybrid vehicle is one they will be considering and the best one to on the market today is the Toyota Prius. Nevertheless the Toyota Prius will not appeal to everyone so they may consider other hybrids like ones made by Honda.

Honda has been making high quality cars for decades and they now have a line of hybrid cars available for the market. As far as fuel-efficient hybrids go, they now are one of the leaders in the industry. Hybrid cars help you save a lot of money on gas thus have grown to be quite popular as the cost of fuel has been rising drastically over the past few years. This is only one of many benefits you will receive for purchasing a hybrid, at least if you live in the United States, where the government is giving generous tax breaks.

When you make a decision to buy a hybrid, it then depends upon which one do you want? If you have a Honda currently, you should be delighted to know that they have hybrid versions of their popular models. Although the Honda Insight is much more affordable, the Honda Civic Hybrid may be the better option. The original Honda Civic always achieved great gas mileage and now the hybrid version is even better. It has been branded with a vehicle ranking of the Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emission Vehicle. The meaning of this is something everyone is able to benefit from as an environmentally friendly car. You should be able to run the distance with the integrated battery pack with an 8 year/80,000 mile warranty. The Honda Civic Hybrid will cover numerous years of quality driving without having an impact on the environment.

The opening price of the 2011 Civic Hybrid is $23,950 which has an MPG of 43 highway along with 40 city with a combined 41 mpg. This automobile is the solution for buyers who don't want the in-your-face hybrid style, but want the exceptional hybrid fuel-economy. The Honda Civic has always been the norm for compact cars even though the styling is not very cutting edge. From last year's model, very few changes were made to the 2011 Civic, but right around the corner is an all-new generation.

The leading three performing fuel-efficient cars are Toyota Prius, Honda Insight and Honda Civic, all hybrid vehicles, with the Prius getting the best mileage. Almost all customers have their own tastes, so it is a matter of test driving each one, comparing what you like about all of them, and then making a decision. If you look at just fuel economy, then the Prius would be the clear winner. With only price, the Honda Insight would likely win out.

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