Recommend driving on the German Autobahns

by Patrick Murphy

Having taken my auto up and back down the United Kingdom and Eire for the previous a decade and been exasperated with the traffic, roadworks, potholes, dodgy country lanes etc I was due in Germany thru my work for five days in Berlin.

I've a cousin who lives in Leipzig so made a decision to stay for a week and would drive down to see her so I gave her a call to see if that will be ok which it was and she revealed you are going to love driving down it will be an experience.

The next thing I wanted to do was to hire an automobile and what kind of auto would I really like to drive in, now my current vehicle is a Volkswagen so I didn't want to drive another but made a decision to stay with a German make and went for the Mercedes B-Class the reason behind this well I needed to arrive and it has safely help systems which can prevent accidents and minimise the effects of accidents, such as attention help, collision prevention aid, distronic plus and pre-safe, which sounded good to me.

So after the uninteresting five days of work in Berlin was prepared to pick up the auto and get started. After signing all the paperwork (was like signing my life away) I got the keys and picked up the B-Class and had studied the map, got use to the left hand steering, went for a pit stop, and fast bite to eat was time to set off.

As I was approaching the autobahn was getting a bit scared as I did not know what too expect as only heard about it and what I seen off it was Jeremy Clarkson driving a bugatti veyron like a crazy man on top gear. Once got on the autobahn and started to feel confident I then started to actually enjoy it. The journey was 194km and it took me just below two hours and because I know the way, I'm sure I might beat that time coming back up to Berlin and did.

It is an galvanizing bit of German engineering and would recommend driving on the autobahns of Germany to any person if you get the chance.